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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Tadcaster Bridge Now Open

At 12:40 today the bridge in Tadcaster over the River Wharfe was re-opened…

At 10:30 this morning the dive team from GW Marine Systems arrived in Tadcaster to make another attempt to assess any damage to the structure of the bridge. Their last attempt on Friday was abandoned due to strong undertow which made the inspection impossible.

Today however, after an hour of anticipation the diver returned from the river with his assessment. There was no structural damage to the bridge…

At 12:07 the bridge over the river Wharfe was reopened to foot traffic.

At 12:40 the Highways Agency had removed the last of the fences and bollards and re-opened the bridge.

Tadcaster Mayor Steve Cobb was among the first to cross the bridge, escorted by Paul Lewis who has played an integral part in coordinating the reopening of the bridge. Steve Cobb also thanked the dive survey team, Highways Agency and many others involved personally.

Many people in Tadcaster have commented on the quality of service which we have received during the bridge closure, the feeling is that everyone involved has done a remarkable job.


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Travel Around Tadcaster

It appears that many people in Tadcaster are still unaware of the FREE Coastliner shuttle service from one side of the river to the other. The bus take approximately 20 minutes and travels from outside BJH Solicitors and the Queen public house and from the Tadcaster bus station.

The bus service is running the free service on the hour and half past the hour so please take advantage of this service to get around.

Please also note that the temporary footpath over the viaduct through Humphrey Smith’s land has now been closed. Access is still available by using the path along side the Wise Owl building behind Salisbury.


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BBC Look North At Allens Ironmongers

Adam Hardy from Allens Ironmongers in Tadcaster will feature in BBC Look North Tonight. The film crew arrived to get an insiders look at the loss of trade and effect of the bridge closure in Tadcaster.



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Bridge Still Closed In Tadcaster

At 9am Today the dive team called back to check the river levels, unfortunately the river hasn’t dropped enough or slowed enough for them to risk sending the divers in for the much needed assessment.

On an upside, James Watt of Minster FM has arrived in Tadcaster for a remote broadcast, hopefully this will bring the much needed business back into Tadcaster.

The Police have also taken a zero tolerance approach to anyone attempting to cross the closed bridge, anyone who does cross the bridge is not only putting themselves at risk but the lives of the emergency services.



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Floods Day 3

This morning it was announced that the Coastliner bus service are providing a shuttle service from one side of Tadcaster to the other. Buses are running every 30 minutes on the hour and half past.

Mor information can be found here -> Tadcaster Shuttle Service


Anyone worried about getting prescriptions from the Crab Garth Doctors Surgery can phone the surgery and have their prescription phoned through to the chemist for collection

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Bridge Assessment

Latest information… 2pm and I have just been informed that the dive team which were due back today to try and assess the bridge will not be arriving. Unfortunately the earliest that the team will be able to dive again is this coming Sunday. This means that the bridge will NOT be open until after Sunday. Please continue to use the alternative routes provided as you will not be able to cross the bridge into Tadcaster any time soon.

At 1pm today the Highways Agency arrived to start work on the surface damage to the bridge, but even after this work is completed it is unlikely that the bridge will open before the dive team has made a better evaluation of any problems below the waterline.


12:00Noon, surveyors arrived to conduct a visual bridge assessment over the river Wharfe…


About 30 minutes ago (9:30) the dive survey team arrived to assess the bridges structural damage. More news to follow soon…

As of 11am the bridge in Tadcaster remains CLOSED. The dive team experienced massive undercurrents whilst inspecting the bridge which prevented the underwater survey from being completed. The subsidence to the road over the bridge is due to be inspected by engineers later today but the outlook for the bridge opening any time soon is not good…


Contrary to Facebook and BBC reports – Tadcaster Bridge Remains CLOSED Until Further Notice so please save yourself the time and use the alternate routes provided.







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The Day After The Flood

Tadcaster Floods – This morning I spoke to the local authorities regarding the bridge and there may be some good news on the horizon…

Photos of the bridge have been taken and sent to the structural engineers and someone may be out to check it over this afternoon. If everything checks out, the bridge may be open later today or tomorrow.

Businesses on Bridge street are running as normal today so don’t be put off by the road closed signs – Just don’t drive down there…

The local authorities have also been checking the river levels and traffic from above, everything looks fine.

Although the bridge has been closed and businesses have been affected, everyone has the highest praise for the emergency services who handled the situation so well and prevented things from becoming much worse – Thanks to everyone involved.

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Tadcaster Floods September 2012

Tadcaster Floods September 2012 – Tadcaster was hit by a severe rain front for 2 days solid and the river just had to go somewhere…

Bridge street was hit by the latest flooding which affected several businesses. Flood water seeped from the drains and into the road which closed the bridge amid fears of structural damage. It seems that the worst of the flooding was on the East side of Tadcaster where more businesses were affected..

The cleanup process has already begun and business should be back to normal in the area very soon.

Several Fire tenders, Police and Environmental agencies have attended this incident and it seems that the worst may be over.

(Update) We have now been told that the bridge in Tadcaster will be closed for the next 2 days (approx) until the river level drops, this is so that engineers can assess the damage. The bridge was closed when water was seen seeping through the bricks. The highways agency have now erected fencing on both sides of the bridge to prevent it from being used.

The walkway across the viaduct has been reopened to allow people to cross the river, this also makes it easier for pupils of Riverside School rather than having the 7 mile drive around the outskirts of Tadcaster.

Here are a few images which show the flooding at its peak.

More news will follow soon.

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