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Monthly Archives: September 2013



Woodlands Play Area improvements

The Forum worked over the summer to bring together a partnership of the Grammar School, Groundwork, Access Selby and the National Citizen Service to undertake a programme of work with young people from the Grammar School focused around a project to improve the appearance of the play area at Woodlands – this work was done in August and very successfully too! This may be the first in a series of such projects, so any ideas for similar projects in the town or villages would be welcomed.

Riverside Park

Following objections from local residents and a local landowner, the proposed support for the Riverside Park was re-visited by the Town Council who decided to withdraw their previous commitment to the project. As a result, the Partnership Board has now written to the Town Council asking for them to come forward with alternative proposals that would meet overcome their objections and allow for a revised scheme to be developed.

Scarthingwell Festival

The Festival held over three days in June was a great success with great credit going to Councillor Richard Sweeting and Highfields Care Home for organising the event. The Festival was financially supported by the CEF and it is hoped for a repeat event to be held in 2014.


As a key part of its strategy to revitalise the town, the CEF is currently developing a new website that will focus exclusively on attracting visitors to the town and surrounding villages. The website is likely to launch this Autumn and bring together information on visitor attractions, accommodation providers, shops and services and wider attractions easily accessible from Tadcaster.

A Community Interest Company for Tadcaster & Villages

Following the closure of the Tadcaster Development Trust, the Partnership Board are actively looking at the potential for setting up a new company that will enable delivery of project work for the area. The model of a ‘community interest company’ is the one most favoured at present – a Limited Company that would deliver projects on behalf of the CEF and Selby District Council that would be non-profit making.

New to the Partnership Board

The Partnership Board is always on the look out for new members! This year we have been fortunate to have been joined by two new community representatives – local resident Mrs Bea Rowntree and local Methodist minister Reverend Amy Walters. We are still on the look-out for another Parish Council representative and are also interested in recruiting a local business champion and more community reps…any offers?

Appleton Roebuck and Acaster Selby Neighbourhood Plan

The CEF is supporting Appleton Roebuck and Acaster Selby Parish Council in taking forward their aspiration to develop a new Neighbourhood Development Plan under the new powers for Town and Parish Councils set out in the Localism Act. The CEF has helped in access to funding, setting up the groups necessary to take the Plan forward and guiding them on their way in their key task of gathering evidence about how local residents and stakeholders would like to see their parish develop over the next 15 years, in line with the Selby Local Plan.

Funding Support

Need help with funding your project? Get in touch and we can help. New funds launched recently include Efficiency North’s Framework for Good which seeks to fund projects that:

– provide local employment opportunities,
– encourage self-sufficiency,
– provide long term benefits for the community.

For more information on any of the above or on the on-going work of the CEF and Partnership Board, contact David:


07905 766831

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Tadcaster Duck Race 2013

A fantastic turnout for the Tadcaster Duck Race 2013 with BBC Radio York’s Adam Tomlinson commenting on the day. Chris Cook Olympic and Commonwealth swimmer, Claire Frisby from BBC Look North and Madeline Griffin, Tadcaster East Primary school winner of the School Paint a Duck Competition helped to launch the ducks into the water.

As hoped, all 2,000 ducks were bought in plenty of time for today’s race. The weather picked up and we were all treated to some glorious sunshine which lasted all day.

The duck race itself was quite eventful, instead of a record breaking 9 minutes (the duck race record) the ducks took their time due to a surface breeze which forced the ducks backwards on several occasions.

Also the Best dressed shop window in Tadcaster results were as follows:-

1st Place                The Little Delicatessen

2nd Place               Something Special

3rd Place               Wards Butchers


There was a great attendance and a wide variety of stalls etc. Phil from Sycamore Farms brought some fresh produce, The Tadcaster Grammar Sax group played some lovely music, The Step 2 it Dance crew had the kids dancing, the Lower Wharfe Canoe Club showed people how easy it was to take to the water and many stalls were arranged by the Tadcaster Swimming Pool staff.

After the duck race there was an auction for a signed Leeds Football shirt and 3 iPod Nano’s to raise even more money for charity.

The Duck Race winners were:-

1st Place                K Place

2nd Place               C Goodman-Milne

3rd Place               C Oakley


Thank You All

Special Thanks

Tadcaster Swimming Pool

Tadcaster Duck Race 2013


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Acoustic Night for Tadcaster Carnival 2014

Tadcaster Carnival 2014

Friday 25th October 2013

The Guestlist

Proudly Presents an Exclusive

Acoustic Night at

Tadcaster Magnets Sports and Social Club

7:30pm Start

Tadcaster Carnival 2014

Playing the music of:


George Michael

Elton John

Snow Patrol

The Eagles

Michael Jackson

Otis Reading

The Kinks

Michael Buble

And Much, Much More…

Tadcaster Carnival 2014


Featuring The Finest Local Talent…


Another fab fundraiser for the carnival!! Tickets available via Carnival Facebook page, at Magnets Club or Devine Meats on bridge street, Tadcaster. Hurry, they are selling fast. See you there


acoustic night

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Crime Prevention September



1.         On Friday 27th September 2013 Tadcaster Safer Neighbourhood police are holding a table top presentation regarding Doorstep Crime.  Local officers  PC Liz Hartley and PCSO Glen Cooper will be at Sainsburys Mill Lane Tadcaster from 11am onwards to give advice and distribute leaflets in relation to keeping safe and anything else the community would like to discuss.  Please feel free to come and speak to your local officers who look forward to seeing you then.


2.         Tadcaster SNT would like to make the community aware of the increase in burglaries across the Selby District.  Offenders are entering properties primarily aimed at stealing the car keys and then taking the cars that are on the driveways.  Please can everyone be vigilant in relation to strange vehicles and persons and also mindful to keep all personal items away from display especially car keys on display on the surfaces during the evenings.  Please consider taking the keys with you to bed or secure out of display.  Also be vigilant about securing windows and doors when you leave your property.

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Reward offered after Tadcaster Red Kite poisoning


Tadcaster police and the RSPB are appealing for information after a Red Kite was poisoned in the area.

The bird was found at Toulston Polo Ground, Tadcaster in October 2012, by a member the public who contacted Yorkshire Red Kites, who in turn reported the suspected poisoning to North Yorkshire Police.

Following a post mortem examination and forensic testing it was found to have died from the illegal poison Carbofuran, which was banned in 2001.

Tadcaster Red KiteThe RSPB have offered a £1,000 reward for anyone who can provide information that leads to the arrest and charging of those responsible for the bird’s death.

Between 2002 and 2011, there were 292 confirmed cases of birds of prey being killed by Carbofuran poisoning in England.

PC Sarah Ward, of Tadcaster  Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “This crime is appalling. The use of Carbofuran is both unlawful and highly dangerous. It is highly toxic and a few granules could kill.

“Someone has put Carbofuran into the countryside unlawfully, risking the lives of people, domesticated animals and wildlife.

“I urge anyone with information to contact the police or RSPB immediately’.”

The red kite, which died, was born in Wales in 2009 and is believed to be one of a breeding pair, which first bred at Tadcaster Grammar School in 2012. They are the first-known Welsh born Red Kites to have bred in Yorkshire.

Bob Elliot, RSPB Head of Investigations said: “Since their successful release back into the Yorkshire countryside in 1999, Red Kites have suffered at the hands of illegal poisoning in North Yorkshire with this incident being the twentieth poisoned Kite since 2000.“

Mr Elliot added: “Birds of prey are still being targeted by those intent on killing our most protected species and it is simply not acceptable to still be finding poisoned, trapped and shot raptors in our countryside.”

Doug Simpson, Yorkshire Red Kites Co-ordinator said: “The loss of any bird through illegal poisoning is a big disappointment. It is particularly disappointing in this case, with this kite being of Welsh origin and the first from that source known to have bred in Yorkshire.”

Anyone who can help to identify those responsible for this poisoning should contact Tadcaster police on 101, select option 2 and ask for Sarah Ward.

You can also contact the RSPB on 0845 4663636 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


Red Kites are a schedule 1 bird protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. An offence committed under the act can result in a penalty of a maximum £5000 fine or a 6 month custodial sentence.

RSPB Birdcrime article: Carbofuran: The poison of choice for more than a decade. Page 9 of 33. http://www.rspb.org.uk/Images/Birdcrime_2011_edit_tcm9-324819.pdf

Further information of the Yorkshire Red Kite group can be found at: http://www.yorkshireredkites.net

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Client Marketing

client marketing logoClient Marketing help business owners increase their profits in aiding them manage their sales and marketing activities without the expense of an investment in an employee.

Our experience has not been solely confined to the UK as we have global extensive sales and marketing experience in

• Setting up a sales and commercial operation from scratch
• Managing sales and marketing from a distance
• Finding international partners and resellers
• Training and coaching in country

More recently closer to home we have successfully;

•Saved previous employer’s money by downsizing sales and marketing teams
•Introduce new processes to increase sales with fewer staff
•Focused on coaching and developing people
•Generating more leads through more effective marketing

Here are some examples of the above;

* Taking a high risk start up business from 0 to £2m in 4 years
* Managed a business unit and grew sales from £15.5 M to £18 M in 4 years
* Drove a bespoke manufacturing company to achieve growth from £9.5 m to £11m in 2 years

I am currently a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator.Client Marketing

Growth Accelerator helps companies in England with growth potential to achieve their
ambitions. They’re here to help businesses double in three years by offering access to coaching, financial, innovation and business development experts.

My role as a Growth Coach is to work with companies on a one-to-one basis covering business Development, Marketing and Strategic Planning

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The Tailwagger Club


Would you like a well trained, happy & social dog?
Would you like to increase the bond between you & your dog?
Would you like to find new ways to have fun with your dog?

The Tailwagger Club is here to help!!

Tadcaster Tailwagger Club
Whatever the breed, age or disposition of your dog, we offer a range of activities to enhance their mental & physical wellbeing, strengthen your mutual bond… & generally get their tails wagging!

Basic manners, life skills, advanced training & an endless list of fun stuff are all covered in our pet dog training classes, which cater for all ages & abilities.

One to one training and home visits are also available.

Classes starting on 29th January at
Bilbrough Village Hall


Each course runs for 6 weeks & they run consecutively. The schedule for the next 4 courses are as follows:


– 29th January – 5th March

– 12th March – 16th April

– 23rd April – 28th May

– 4th June – 9th July


Please contact Jane for further details & to book your place

07799 896146

Unleash Your Dogs Potential!!


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The Tailwagger Club – Tadcaster

The Tailwagger Club – Tadcaster is a reward based pet dog training club offering training classes & one to one sessions.

Tadcaster Tailwagger ClubPet dog training is about helping owners and dogs to understand each other and to learn together how to cope in everyday situations. Dogs don’t come pre-programmed with the skills to enable them to live with us in our homes  in harmony whilst adhering to the rules of our society. In fact many of them require a change to the dogs ‘natural’ instincts. And, despite what many people believe, humans do not possess an in-built dog-whisperer type knowledge which equips them to educate their dogs.

Puppies start learning from the day they are born, but their topic list is different to yours. The longer training is delayed, the more chance your topic list and theirs will grow further apart!! However, despite the well known phrase, it is never too late start training with your dog…  all dogs are capable of learning & they love it!

As well as the ‘everyday’ stuff, we have plenty of fun activities to teach them. Whatever the breed, age or disposition of your dog, spending time training them enhances their mental and physical wellbeing and strengthens the bond between you.

At The Tailwagger Club – Tadcaster we adhere strictly to the APDT principles (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).

Our reward-based training techniques are based on a modern understanding of canine learning. We do not allow the use of choke chains or prong collars in classes and will offer owners alternative, kinder ways to teach their pets.
We believe that all training must be non-coercive, KIND, FAIR & EFFECTIVE… and FUN!

Please contact me for further details & to book your place:
Jane Hartharn – MAPDT 01190
07799 896146

Unleash Your Dogs Potential!!

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Tennis Elbow

With Andy Murray about to defend his US open title following on from his fantastic success at Wimbledon, Tennis is back at the top of the sporting pile again.

Tennis elbow has always been an injury which has interested me for a number of reasons, not least the fact that most people I have seen with it have never picked up a tennis racket in their life. Amusingly those tennis players who have actually had tennis elbow have almost ‘worn it as a badge of honour’; they must be playing really hard or really often to achieve such an iconic injury!

To give Tennis Elbow its more scientific sounding name also serves to confuse and often compound this injury to becoming a chronic issue. Often referred to as Lateral Epicondylitis due to its relationship with the lateral part of the elbow the suffix ‘itis’ is the issue.  This refers to an inflammation and unless your tennis elbow has come on suddenly after a particularly long or hard session on court it is unlikely that you have an it is! If it has been lurking and creeping up it is likely that you actually have an ‘osis’ or an ‘opathy’ which relate more to degeneration.

This then has a massive impact on how to treat and the overall prognosis. It remains a very divisive area and endless studies and literature reviews still don’t reach a generally accepted consensus as to preferred management. Personally I discourage people from seeking steroid injection for a number of reasons (which I am happy to discuss but I have a word limit!) and encourage a variety of conservative treatments. Although long term-benefits of Physio also look sketchy in the literature in my experience most patents do well and very few end up seeking surgery (which also often has a poor long-term outcome).

There are some positive studies for what is termed the eccentric loading/training programme. As ever prevention is better than cure and considering technique, handle grip, stretching and hand use in everyday life all can make a difference. But just because it is called Tennis elbow doesn’t mean that tennis is always to blame.

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