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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Police in nationwide burglary crackdown


North Yorkshire Police is backing a week-long, national campaign to raise awareness of burglary, the handling of stolen goods and the need for residents to be vigilant and take adequate crime prevention measures.

Across the country police see an increase in burglaries during November and the run up to Christmas. Criminals know that homes will be full of desirable Christmas gifts and will take any opportunity to steal them.

Although huge progress has been made by the police and partner agencies over the past ten years with burglary down by 48% across England and Wales, it still presents daily challenges for the police service and causes great distress to victims.

In support of the campaign, throughout the week of 18 to 24 November 2013, North Yorkshire Police and local Community Safety Partnerships are holding a raft of initiatives across York and North Yorkshire including crime prevention road-shows, property marking sessions, advice surgeries, as well as distributing free security devices such as timer switches to vulnerable residents.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy of North Yorkshire Police, said: “The targeting of your home, followed closely by the theft or damage of personal possessions often has devastating and lasting effect on homeowners, their family and the nearby community.

“North Yorkshire and the City of York may have the lowest crime rate in the country but are not complacent and are committed to doing everything we can to prevent burglary and the movement of stolen goods.

“Householders should not be complacent about their home security either. Even the most simplest  crime prevention measures go a long way in helping to deter crooks and reduce incidents. Locking your doors, investing in a light timer switch and hiding valuables out of sight will help deter an opportunist burglar.

ACC Kennedy added: “This week is about highlighting the need for people to protect their belongings and asking residents to help us to help them. I urge as many people as possible to take full advantage of the free crime reduction initiatives going on around the county this week and to take heed of our crime prevention advice.”

Residents are also urged to be vigilant and report any suspicious people, vehicles or activity in their neighbourhood. You know your own neighbourhood and what looks right and what is out of place.

Many suspects have been arrested and crimes prevented by people acting on their instinct and calling in with information. Do not hesitate to call us and report anything suspicious on 101, if you see a crime in progress always call 999.

North Yorkshire Police will be using social media throughout the week to disseminate crime prevention tips and keep you up to date on burglary activity going on across the force.


Sneak-in burglaries

Around one third of all burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who are on the look-out for open doors and windows and tempting items left on view. Always lock your doors, even when you are at home. Remember to lock downstairs windows and remove any items from your garden which could help thieves access your home such as ladders and garden tools.


Two-in-one burglaries

“2 in 1 burglaries” are where the thieves break into a house to get their hands on the keys to vehicles parked on the drive. These offences tend to be organised and pre-planned and are usually committed by travelling criminals from neighbouring counties. Always hide your car keys from view and where a burglar cannot find them. If you have a garage, always use it, if a burglar can’t see your car, they can’t steal it.


Use the following check list to ensure you take the most basic security measures.


  • Hide your keys away at night where thieves cannot see them or easily find them
  • Lock doors, windows garages, sheds and gates – even when you are at home
  • Don’t tempt thieves by leaving valuables on view through windows, letterboxes or cat-flaps.
  • Always lock your car and remove valuables
  • Keep your car in the garage if you have one. If thieves can’t see your car – they can’t steal it.
  • Fit a car alarm or tracking device if finances allow and remember to use them
  • Don’t leave garden implements or tools outside as thieves can use these to gain entry to your property
  • Leave a light and radio on when you go out at night or set a timer switch if you are coming home in the hours of darkness
  • Ensure your outbuildings are secure, in a good state of repair and have strong sturdy locks


Local activity




Free property registration sessions

York police and the Safer York Partnership will be hosting property marking events throughout the week using the latest technological tool called Hermes. The device enables rapid registration of valuables such as laptops, phones, TVs, cameras and cycles, onto the national property register called Immobilise. This means that if your property is stolen and recovered, the police know instantly if the property is stolen and it can be quickly reunited with its rightful owner. (Details under separate press release)



The crime prevention charity Community Action and Support Against Crime (CASAC) are hosting a crime prevention road-show at


Tesco, Askham Bar, York, on Wednesday 20 November between 10.30am and 4pm


Security experts will be able to advise you on the most up to date products to keep your home as safe as possible.


CASAC is a non-profit social enterprise that works with community safety partnerships and is dedicated to reducing crime. Over 75,000 properties have been made secure by CASAC with less than 0.01% of these properties being victims of repeat burglary, where access has been gained through security products fitted by CASAC.


To book a free no obligation security  assessment call 0845 519 2122 or visit www.casac.org.uk


To help crack down on sneak-in burglaries and valuables left on view, night time patrols will go on throughout the week to check for insecure properties and deliver crime prevention advice.


Officers will also by carrying out targeted patrols in known burglary hotspots



York police will also be targeting student accommodation with proactive crime prevention patrols to check for insecure properties and to hand out crime prevention advice.




The Harrogate Community Safety Partnership will be hosting a day of action on Wednesday 20 November in Bilton and Woodfield where they will handing out crime prevention packs to local residents and working with the local Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.


The crime prevention charity Community Action and Support Against Crime (CASAC) are hosting crime prevention road-shows at


  • ASDA, Bower Street, Harrogate, Thursday 21 November 10.30am to 4pm


  • Morrison’s, Plumpton Park, Harrogate, Friday 22 November 10.30am to 4pm


Officers will also be visiting second hand shops as they work to reduce the movement of stolen goods.




Crime prevention surgeries will be held across the district

Hambleton and Richmondshire Community Safety Partnership have provided free shed alarms and free light timer switches for vulnerable victims of crime

Proactive patrols will target  insecure properties

Delivery of crime prevention leaflets

Burglary packs will be handed out in rural areas and joint visits will be carried out by the Safety Service

Local police teams will be promoting cycle security events in the run up to Christmas

Officers will also be focusing on equine crime




Proactive patrols will target insecure premises and officers will be handing our crime prevention advice

Officers will also be visiting second hand shops as they work to reduce the movement of stolen goods.

Vulnerable areas and previous victims of burglary will be visited and crime prevention advice disseminate to residents.




Proactive patrols will target insecure premises and officers will be handing our crime prevention advice

Officers will be visiting second hand shops as they work to reduce the movement of stolen goods.

Joint patrols will be carried out with Cleveland Police targeting cross-border criminals.




Proactive patrols will target insecure premises and officers will be handing our crime prevention advice

Vulnerable areas and previous victims of burglary will be visited and crime prevention advice disseminate to residents.

Targeted patrols in burglary hotspots


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Ex Barnardo’s Footpath Action Group

Ex Barnardo’s Footpath Action Group Update

10 October 2013 to all our Evidence of Use Form Responders


Dear Supporter,


You may have heard that there has been significant progress in our attempt to get the Ex Barnardo’s footpath reopened. We are pleased to report that the Order to modify the definitive map and statement for the area by adding to them the public footpath from the Eastern end of the Tadcaster Viaduct to Wighill Lane was made on 25 September 2013 by NYCC. The order and map are posted at either end of the blocked off footpath. It has been published in the Selby Times and a copy can be seen at the Tadcaster Library during normal hours.

We now enter the formal public consultation stage of the process, until now we have been at the informal consultation stage. This now means that any representation or objection relating to the order must be in writing, stating the grounds on which these are made, and sent to the Definitive Map Officer at NYCC. All such representations or objections must be lodged not later than 05 December 2013.


If no representations or objections are made to the order, or if any so made are withdrawn, NYCC may itself confirm the order. If any objection is not withdrawn the order, with the objection, has to be submitted to the Secretary of State for confirmation. In that case the matter passes to the SofS for resolution and each stage of the process thereafter has a strict time limit with a maximum of 35 weeks. If the SofS feels it necessary he may appoint an Inspector to investigate and arrive at a decision. An Inspector could hold an inquiry locally at which he/she will publicly examine all the evidence before arriving at a conclusion. It is at this inquiry stage that witnesses supporting or objecting to the order can be cross examined so as to determine the facts.


No member of the public will be required to attend the inquiry unless they feel happy to do so.

On the other hand the SofS or Inspector may feel that the strength of the evidence is so strong he/she can resolve the matter by way of an informal hearing without the need of an inquiry.


During the past weeks the Brewery Legal Team have been in Tadcaster, sometimes knocking on doors unannounced (Cold Calling), asking questions of Evidence of Use Form responders about certain aspects of their statements. They are entitled to speak to members of the public who have supported the DMMO application but only with the individuals approval. However, it’s the way and manner in which some of these interviews have been initiated and conducted which has caused great concern amongst a number of people in the community. We have therefore asked the Town Council to write a letter to the Brewery on behalf of these individuals deploring the methods used in the town by their Legal Team recently, as it has been upsetting to the community. We also are aware of one person who has made a formal complaint to the Law Society about them breaching the Solicitors Code of Conduct. You should all have received a letter from NYCC saying that they would not employ the approach used by the Brewery Legal Team. If any of you have had such an approach, or know of anyone else who has been approached, we would like to hear from you. We can be contacted at barnados.footpath@hotmail.co.uk


This letter is being sent to you as we are keen to get the update out to everyone who filled in an EofU form. We have already emailed this message to all our supporters on our email list and should you wish to be kept informed regularly you could perhaps let us have your email address (if you have one). By doing so it would help us to communicate more effectively with you and be of tremendous assistance in getting our message out to everyone who supported this DMMO application.


We wish to thank all our supporters for your help in bringing about this significant achievement. It means we have completed an important step in our attempt to have the footpath reopened. We appreciate that this may not be the end of the process but with your continuing support we will see this through to the end.


The community was very upset by the action of the new landowner of the Barnardo’s site (Sam Smiths Old Brewery) when, in March 2012, they blocked off the footpath which people had used ‘as of right’ for many years. Many local townspeople and others found it difficult to understand why they would do such a thing and felt it as being an abuse of power and a disregard for the feelings in the community. The Brewery were given an opportunity in the early days after the fence and wall went up blocking the footpath to reflect on their actions but refused to compromise. They sadly misjudged the mood of hundreds of residents in the town.


It has taken some time for us to achieve this stage and there may be some more time to go before we can see the footpath reopened. However, our evidence is strong and our case is justified at law. We knew it was not going to be a swift and easy process but be assured we are here for the long haul, if required.


Thanks, The Ex Barnardo’s Footpath Action Group.

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National Crime Reduction Week

Tuesday 19th November Tadcaster SNT PC Liz Hartley and PCSO Becky Goulding will be down at Sainsburys in Tadcaster between 12 noon and 2pm to give advice on crime prevention.  We encourage our community to pop down and have a chat to meet us and discuss any issues they have.
Wednesday 20th November, between 11am and 1pm Tadcaster SNT PC Liz Hartley and PCSO Becky Goulding will be visiting Popplewell Springs in Tadcaster to meet the residents and families.  We will be on hand to give advise on personal safety, keeping safe and bogus callers.  Please feel free to pop in with any queries you have or advise needed.

On both Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November Tadcaster SNT, during the National week of action to reduce crime in our area will be patrolling Tadcaster and the outlying villages during the hours of darkness (6pm and 11pm).  The team PC Liz Hartley and PCSO Becky Goulding will be promoting the Light Up Lock Up initiative and conducting hi visibility patrols during the two nights.  We encourage members of the community to feel free to approach us with any queries they have or advise required.


Many thanks

PC27 Liz Hartley

Tadcaster SNT

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Appleton Roebuck Burglary


On Monday the 11th November between 2230hrs and 0630hrs a Burglary occurred overnight on Main Street, Appleton Roebuck, which resulted in a vehicle being stolen with the keys.

The point of entry was a side door, no forced entry was made, and it appears a key may have been used.  Keys to two vehicles were stolen from within and one vehicle was subsequently stolen from the driveway.

Police advise that you ensure your house and vehicles are securely locked on an evening and the vehicle and House keys secured  away in a safe place. If you are unsure take your keys to bed with you.

If anyone was in the area at this time and saw anything which they thought was suspicious please could they contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 quoting reference no 12130196355 .

Alternatively  if you would prefer to remain anonymous , information can be passed to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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New PCSO in Tadcaster

I just wanted to add a little bit of news here regarding the local policing in the community.

Tadcaster has now been joined by PCSO Becky Goulding.

Becky will be working in the Town and villages in the area so please feel free to approach her with any concerns in the town which you may have.

Welcome to Tadcaster Becky.

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Tadcaster Photography

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