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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Stu Monkman IBFA World Finals


From decision to compete until the competition itself took Stu Monkman on the 12 month roller coaster ride of his life. Everything Stu did was for the chance to compete and win at the IBFA World Finals on the 25th October 2014.

Diet changes, food quantity, fluids, training, and more training – all of this would shape Stu into the Athlete he needed to be to get on that stage in October.


Along the way his friends and Trainers Paul Summers and Neil Smithers from the MBS Gym in Tadcaster created a nutritional and exercise plan specifically designed for a champion, and became his guides on this huge journey which lay ahead of him.


68167_161253870570946_2383679_nSo from a background of serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and working as a tree surgeon, Stuart Monkman had a dream… and his journey had now started…

And to be honest, once he’d won the local town “Mr Tadcaster” trophy, there was no stopping his ambitions to be the best bodybuilder he could be.

Over the past 12 months I’ve been following Stuart’s progress through Facebook and stopped him in the street for some catch up chats. During his journey to the IBFA Worlds Finals, Stuart had decided that he needed to keep pushing himself and proving to himself that he was getting better by entering some high quality competitions on the way.

10341487_10152262387367408_8762512730189874062_nLeaving these competitions with 1st and 2nd place trophies each time made him realize which areas he needed to work on to better his performance. As his partner Amy Bradley would tell you, it’s a lot of waiting and takes a huge amount of mental preparation to prepare for any competition.

Let’s not forget that another huge driving force in Stuart’s arsenal is his mother Liz Monkman, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone talk about their son with so much pride in their voice. Liz also spent a lot of time this year organizing fundraisers to help get Stuart to Rome.

Quote from Amy Bradley, Stuart’s partner and driving force…

10299973_10152556113682408_6188400755548129954_nStuart Monkman, a super special man that entered my life & changed it from then on. The love of my life, I take no time spent together for granted but treasure every minute. Almost 6months into the relationship, spent mainly prepping for today, 25/10/14 IBFA World Finals, there’s no more or less that can be done now apart from enjoying every single moment of today & this unforgettable memory, whatever the outcome

Quote from Andrew Dawson, Best Friend and Brother in Arms…

I’d like to wish my brother Stu Monkman good luck today competing in the worlds. I wish I was there with ya but thankfully for me our big bro and Coach Paul Summers is there on my behalf. Stu has come a long way in just a year and built up a vast collection of trophies securing his position as one of the top young bodybuilders of this generation. I’ve no doubt he will return at champion and do himself, his friends, his family and country proud go get it bro you’ve conquered Britain now go conquer Rome! I’m there in spirit shouting ‘arse! Keep it tight!!!’ Hahaha. Good luck brother deep xx

And today is the 25th October 2014 – the results are in and it’s time to find out what kind of a day it’s been and whether Stuart has triumphed in Rome…


Latest Update from Paul Summers, Friend and Coach…

1512517_10152337300596640_1467852371009536752_nHey everyone Stu got an amazing 4th in the World at his first attempt but listen to this he almost passed out on stage had to leave and lay down with low blood sugar so he missed most of the compulsories came back to do his routine and brought the house down and got 4th!!!!

He picked himself up the organiser said he should stop and quit, not our Stu somehow he got up off the floor walked on did his amazing routine and got fourth , ail though I had him 2nd or 3rd, not bad in 12 months of comps 4 firsts and 4th in the world boom!!

More to come from warrior Stuart well done to all the rest of the UK team an amazing standard unbelievable condition totally crazy, boom!!!!


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Robin Hood Pantomime

Robin hood-Web


Love is in the air


The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Fletcher) seems to have found true love in the shape of Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell). Although he doesn’t seem to keen on the prospects.





Love, at last


Robin Hood (Alison Davies) finds his true love, The Lady Marian (Kelly Bolland) Will they live happily ever after? I think So!






Nanny, Marian



Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell) keeps a careful eye on her charge, The Lady Marian (Kelly Bolland)





Nanny, Nickit and Scarper



Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell) is shown little respect from our bumbling pair of Sheriff’s henchmen, Nickit and Scarper. Mother and Daughter, Joanne and Beccky Hawkins bring a real family atmosphere to “The Pantomime Adventures Of Robin Hood”.




Sheriff, Marian, Dame


“Look behind you!” The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Fletcher)seems unawares that the two loves in his life He has designs on The Lady Marian (Kelly Bolland) and Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell) has designs on him.






Sheriff, Nickit and Scarper


Sheriff’s henchmen, Nickit and Scarper (Mother and Daughter, Joanne and Beccky Hawkins) are bumbling through Sherwood Forest, unaware that The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Fletcher) is keeping an eye on their every move.





Tad Carnival Robin Hood



Cast members taking part in Tad Carnival (Photo courtesy of Wendy Binns)






I think it was one of those two, over there


Rehearsal pic.






Rehearsal pic.






Rehearsals can be fun


Rehearsal pic.






So that's how you do it



The two youngest members of the cast (Bailey (L) and Teagan(R) share make-up secrets watched by Sharon Wilson(The Enchantress of the Forest).







Robin Hood Booking form


All photographs © Terry Welsh except Tad carnival © Wendy Binns

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