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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Generation Fitness Official Opening with Nigel Adams MP


After taking time out from his very busy campaign schedule, Nigel Adams MP made time to officially open the Generation Fitness Gym in Selby today.

Gym owner Andrew Dawson said “I can’t believe that he accepted my invitation considering that the national elections are just a couple of days away”. Nigel Adams arrived in his campaign vehicle on time and took several minutes walking around the gym to introduce himself and speak to staff and customers before making a fantastic speech and praising Andrew for the work he does, describing it as “offering new and healthy lifestyles to everyone”.

Nigel is a great believer that “health is paramount” and that “the exercise and fitness industry provide a fantastic services to those seeking to improve their health and way of life”. Andrew pointed out that the gym not only supplies the facilities for exercise but also with his mentor Paul Summers, they provide advice on nutrition and personal training.

After a small glass of champagne to celebrate the opening Nigel was very keen to ask questions about the equipment and how everything came together. Andrew said “With a lot of support from family and friends, I was able to buy the gym and turn it into a growing business where everyone is welcome to come and train in comfort”.

Paul Summers went on to explain that “the gym isn’t a male orientated establishment and more and more women are turning up to train, whether they’re toning up for holidays or completely changing their lifestyle, but we’re here to help everyone to reach their best potentials”.

Nigel showed quite an interest in the new tanning booth, and was told that this was the gyms latest acquisition, used for a holiday base tan, body builders pre tan and even as a therapeutic device for certain problems.

Several of the Generation Fitness clients were keen to discuss how the gym has benefited them and the fact that it’s so welcoming, it keeps them coming back time after time.

Nigel Adams then took his leave by shaking the hands of everyone in the gym and wishing them all well. As he left he told Andrew Dawson “if I’d have been wearing a hat, I would have taken it off to you, you are doing a fantastic job and I wish you the best of luck in business”.

Andrew told me afterwards “it was a fantastic morning and that he couldn’t thank Nigel enough for his visit and his kind words. If he’s ever in the area again I hope he calls in again because he’s always welcome”.





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