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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Tadcaster Carnival 2015

Minster FM



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Pick up a copy of the Tadcaster Carnival Programme today and you could be a winner!

The 32-page programme went on sale this week packed with information about this year’s event, which will take place on Sunday 19 July and 104.7 Minster FM will be there too.

With discount vouchers from local businesses, editorials and features on organisations in the town, this year’s programme also offers readers a chance to win a star prize – dinner for two and overnight accommodation at the 4* Hazlewood Castle Hotel.


Tadcaster Carnival

The committee has pulled out all the stops to make sure that the fourth annual Carnival has something for everyone. With a fabulous line-up of local musical talent on the Martin House Stage, Arena events, including a Falconry display, stalls, Leeds Pipe Band and all the fun of the fair, the evening entertainment will feature not one, but two fabulous bands, Tom Rocks And The Replicants and Boomin.

“The Carnival is an incredibly rewarding thing to be involved in within the community and the time, effort and money which goes into it each year never fails to amaze me,” said Tadcaster Carnival Committee member Kirsty Perkins. “Most of the people on the Committee have the fondest memories of Tadcaster Carnival from years gone by and to see wonderful new memories created each year makes all the hard work totally worthwhile,” she added.

Carnival day will start in traditional style with the Tadcaster Town Council Carnival Parade, which leaves Ripon Farm Services at noon, processing through Tadcaster and ending at Magnets Sports & Social Club. At 1pm there will be the presentation of prizes to the Best Float and also to the 2015 Carnival Cover Competition and Poster winners, Jessica Rooke from Tadcaster East School and Laura Gaines of Tadcaster Grammar School. The girls will each receive a monetary prize from Nick Devine of Devine Meats who has sponsored that competition this year.

Bars will remain open and food will be served until late and the day’s event will conclude with a grand Firework Display, rounding off a perfect day in spectacular style.

Pre-purchased programmes at £2 each will admit a family of up to four people to the Carnival on the gate, but on the day entrance is £1 per person. Programmes are available from local businesses and outlets in the town, including Bridge Street News, the Chocolate Box on Kirkgate, Ward’s Butchers, Calcaria Carpets, Allen’s, Devine Meats, The Granary and Magnets Sports & Social Club and they will also be sold during the Parade on the day.

WATCH Tadcaster Carnival Highlights 2014




Well-known Tadcaster resident and Councillor, Richard Sweeting (Pictured) was only seven years old when, dressed as a shepherd, he took part in the first Tadcaster Carnival in 1975.

Richard Sweeting Tadcaster Carnival Cup

Whilst there had been a Carnival in 1953 for the Coronation year, it had been a one-off and never carried on. However, the Carnival proper started in 1975 and Richard has fond memories of a time gone by and a huge part of his childhood growing up in Tadcaster.

“It was definitely 1975 as it was the early years of Tadcaster Town Council,” said Richard. “As councillors they probably decided to do something for the people of Tadcaster, involved different organisations, a committee was formed and hey presto the Carnival was born,” he said.

The first Carnival took place at Toulston at the polo ground and a procession went all round the estates, up round Fir Tree Crescent and round Woodlands. In 1979-80 the Carnival venue was changed to Tadcaster Albion Football ground for a few years and the latter couple of years took place in Castle Hill grounds. Richard seems to think that the last one was held in 1989 and definitely not since he has been a Councillor from 1991.

“The Carnival in the early years was absolutely fantastic and we had some wonderful times,” said Richard. “It wasn’t just about the Carnival day itself. In times gone by there was a Church Service before and after the Carnival, pubs used to host domino knockouts and pub quizzes and the event catered for everyone. In 1977 for the Silver Jubilee there must have been more than 60 floats. The community spirit in those days was so alive, but I know that times change and communities aren’t what they used to be and we all know that,” he added.

During a chance meeting in 2011 with Richard Rooke of Rooke’s Transport, Richard told him that he was thinking of doing something big for the Diamond Jubilee and had an idea to reinstate the Carnival. He asked Mr Rooke if he thought it was feasible and he said he was sure it was. Shortly afterwards Richard had another chance meeting, this time with Linda Poskitt and told her what he had in mind. Richard knew Linda and her daughters Zoe and Kirsty well from their involvement in the past with the Carnival and they all wanted to come on board and get involved, because they too thought it was a wonderful idea.

Because Richard was involved in the Golden Jubilee and VE Day anniversary celebrations for the town, he really wanted the Diamond Jubilee to be something the people of Tadcaster would remember. “Thinking of all the memories of what we did when we were kids, I wanted the younger generation to see what we saw and what we grew up with in Tadcaster and I wanted to get the community spirit back, which I think we did that Diamond Jubilee year,” said Richard.

As a Councillor and Chairman of the Publicity Committee, Richard was given the task by the Town Council to form a Diamond Jubilee committee. He had plenty of contacts, being involved on the Seniors Treat committee for 21 years, a member of Tadcaster Church since childhood and because he says that “people trusted in me”. “We wrote to as many organisations as we could and asked everyone to come to a meeting to see if we could do something to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. “That’s how we did it and the rest is history,” said Richard.

Richard admits he is old fashioned, but a big believer in community life and he wanted the youngsters in Tadcaster to have a taste of what he had so enjoyed for all those years. “I sowed the seed for that Diamond Jubilee year, but I did nothing,” said Richard modestly. “Everyone else made it happen and helped to make my dream a reality,” he said.

The Carnival Committee thought it would be a one-off, but it was decided to carry on, because the event had been such a success.

“Tadcaster is a special place and the Carnival brings people into the town and I will support it as long as it continues, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and committee members pull out all the stops to make sure that the Carnival takes place,” he stressed.

Richard’s vision for the future of the Carnival is that he wants it to continue and survive for future generations. However, it relies on volunteers to make it happen, so if you have even a few hours to spare and would like to get involved to “keep the show on the road”, please speak to a Committee member.

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Tadcaster Carnival Competition Winners



A competition for children held last year proved so popular that it has been repeated this year with equal success.

In 2014 the young people of Tadcaster were invited to design the front cover for the Carnival Programme and with so many entries, it was decided to involve local schools once again.

The theme of this year’s Carnival is Countries of the World and Jessica Rooke of Tadcaster East Primary School captured just what the judges were looking for with her multiple flag design.

“I was really happy and excited when I found out that I had won the programme cover competition, said nine year old Jessica. “I did enter last year but it was someone from my class who won.”

Jackie Bartlett, Acting Headteacher from Tadcaster East said: “We are really proud of Jessica and delighted that a pupil from our school has won again.”

The committee was also impressed with an entry by Tadcaster Grammar School student Laura Gaines, aged 15, and her creation is to be used as the official poster.

The Year 10 student was very surprised when she heard about her success. “I was really shocked when I was told because I wasn’t expecting it and also because I knew there were quite a few entries,” said Laura. “I am really delighted and my parents are very proud of me.”

Local school children really entered into the spirit of the competition and it was obvious that they had put a lot of time and effort into their designs,” said David Gluck, Chairman of the Carnival Committee. “The committee would like to thank them, their teachers and parents for all their hard work. There were some very impressive entries, but we felt that Jessica and Laura captured the essence of this year’s Carnival theme which is Countries of the World,” he added.

Jessica and Laura will each receive a cash prize sponsored by Devine Meats of Tadcaster and have been invited as special guests of the Carnival on Sunday 19 July, where they will be able to enjoy all the fun of the day.

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Ex Barnardo’s footpath – Inspector finds in favour of the community action to re-open the footpath

Fantastic news and a Fantastic result for the people of Tadcaster… Ex Barnardo’s footpath – Inspector finds in favour of the community action to re-open the footpath

Press Release from the Community Action Group

After 4 months deliberation following the Public Inquiry in February this year, the Inspector has now announced his decision. We are delighted that the Inspector has in principle accepted that a right of way has come into existence in this location and found in our favour. He has decided that the footpath across the ex Barnardo’s land between Wighill Lane and the Viaduct in Tadcaster should be confirmed subject to an alignment modification.

The Inspector has taken an unusually extended period to consider all the evidence and legal arguments presented in this case and has made his decision. He has decided that our case satisfied the provisions of Common Law under the Act and has concluded that the order should be proposed for confirmation subject to modifications. We understand that this is an interim decision because it has to be advertised to allow for the precise alignment to be determined. We will therefore have to wait for all the formalities to be completed before we can have the final decision. The Inspectors proposed modification to the order route is not considered as a significant change, nothing more than a slight deviation, and is in fact the same ‘straight line’ route across the land as described in our original application submitted in March 2012 (see attached map).

This has been a long and sometimes difficult time for members of the public who supported the DMMO application.

The Action Group, who represented the voice of the community on this issue, now look forward to the reopening of the footpath as soon as possible so that residents can once again enjoy a facility which has been sadly missed since the landowner closed off the path in 2012. We wish to thank all of our supporters, particularly the 267 members of the public who felt so strongly about the closure that they completed Evidence of Use forms. We applaud the individuals who came forward as witnesses at the Inquiry in support of the case who provided credible individual statements. We also appreciate the support we have had from Tadcaster Town Council, The Ramblers and other interest groups. Of particular mention is the expertise and help given to us by the NYCC legal services team and Rights of Way group.

The community was shocked and very upset when the footpath was closed and challenged that decision through the appropriate lawful process. The Inspectors decision has shown that this challenge was justified. The landowner should now accept that the weight of evidence for our case was overwhelming and reopen the footpath without any further delay.”
Map below re Inspectors proposed modified route ( thin dotted red line )



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