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Walter’s Fund Raiser with the Halifax Tadcaster

walterThis is a picture of our beautiful grandson Walter who is 7 months old.

Sadly Walter has been diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma, which is a very rare childhood eye cancer.

If you visit www.chect.org.uk you can learn more about this cancer, one which our family had never heard of before. Luckily for Walter he was born and lives in Sweden, at 6 months old in Sweden all babies are given a health screening which includes a doctor looking in the childs eyes.

The doctor examining Walter has practised medicine for over 40 years and had never seen retinoblastoma before, there are 3 cases a year in Sweden where the cancer affects both eyes, in the UK there are about 40 to 50 cases per year. Walter has undergone 2 sessions of chemotherepy and has had three tumors removed by laser treatment.

The care will continue until Walter is about 5 years old, this is when the eyes are fully formed, and the cancer can no longer grow, the survival rate for this cancer is 98% and Walter is receiving fantastic care. We do not yet know to what extent Walters eyesight will be affected, because the cancer was diagnosed early, it has not spread into the optic nerve, so we are all hoping that he will not be blind. If Walter had been born in the UK it is unlikely that his cancer would yet be diagnosed, babies in the UK do not get their eyes checked as a routine.

The prognosis is very good, Walter when not being ill from the Chemo is wonderful, happy, beautiful and so very precious to us all. The reason for my post is about awareness, we as a family will jointly in Sweden and the UK be embarking on fundraising and awareness campaigning in the new year. Any funds raised in the UK will remain in the UK, and the same for Sweden.

I will be keeping people informed of Walters progress.Walter Is now 2 years old and we thought it had been caught in time and was under control but sadly the cancer returned in his right eye and the eye had to be removed in January. He will continue with check ups until he is 5/6 years old and his eyes are fully grown and we hope and pray the cancer does not return in his left eye. He still has a long road ahead of him and we hope for a successful outcome.

We as grand parents have decided to fund raise and raise awareness, as the earlier it is diagnosed, the better chance of survival and sight


The Halifax Bank in Tadcaster are helping us raise funds and awareness by organising a “Pig Racing” night at The Jackdaw Pub on Saturday 9th August and 100% of the money raised will be donated to CHECT for ongoing research into this dreadful disease. The Halifax Bank Tadcaster are also offering to match the funds raised on the night to donate to the charity…


Included in the fundraising we would like to offer prizes for participants in the Pig Racing and also to be included in the raffle prizes. To end this we are asking if you have anything that you could offer to donate to enable us to raise as much money as possible.


You can also donate directly to Just Giving by clicking the link below



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