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Client Marketing

client marketing logoClient Marketing help business owners increase their profits in aiding them manage their sales and marketing activities without the expense of an investment in an employee.

Our experience has not been solely confined to the UK as we have global extensive sales and marketing experience in

• Setting up a sales and commercial operation from scratch
• Managing sales and marketing from a distance
• Finding international partners and resellers
• Training and coaching in country

More recently closer to home we have successfully;

•Saved previous employer’s money by downsizing sales and marketing teams
•Introduce new processes to increase sales with fewer staff
•Focused on coaching and developing people
•Generating more leads through more effective marketing

Here are some examples of the above;

* Taking a high risk start up business from 0 to £2m in 4 years
* Managed a business unit and grew sales from £15.5 M to £18 M in 4 years
* Drove a bespoke manufacturing company to achieve growth from £9.5 m to £11m in 2 years

I am currently a registered and approved Growth Coach for Growth Accelerator.Client Marketing

Growth Accelerator helps companies in England with growth potential to achieve their
ambitions. They’re here to help businesses double in three years by offering access to coaching, financial, innovation and business development experts.

My role as a Growth Coach is to work with companies on a one-to-one basis covering business Development, Marketing and Strategic Planning

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