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Barnados Footpath Action Group Update

In our last update Barnados Footpath Action Group we told you that the Inspector had found in our favour to have the ex Barnardo’s footpath reopened under common law.

As he had made a slight modification to the path he was required to advertise his decision.
Barnados Footpath Action GroupWe have to tell you that an objection to the Inspectors Interim decision to modify the route has been raised by the landowner just prior to the deadline for doing so.

They are asking for the Inquiry to be reconvened on the basis of what they have said in the objection.

This means that the Inspector will have to consider the content of the objection and decide what he has to do before he can make his final decision.

Should the Inspector ask us to comment on the objection we are confident that we will be able to submit a robust rebuttal.

Whilst it would not be appropriate to provide details of our response at this stage we are sure that what has been said by the objector is, for the most part, a regurgitation of issues which have already been considered by the Inspector during the Inquiry process. There does not appear to be any significantly new evidence raised in this objection.

The Inspector should see it for what it is.

This is a disappointing situation but one we fully expected would occur and which will inevitably further delay the reopening of the footpath.

When we are in a position to tell you what the Inspector has decided to do we will again update you. We expect this to be in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for your continuing support.

Ex Barnados Footpath Action Group

So… All we can do is wait and see what the decision comes back as, as soon as the decision has been made I will add it to the site.


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