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Riverside Park Tadcaster


 This page was contributed by David Gluck
Executive Support, Tadcaster & Villages CEF


Riverside Park Tadcaster – Your Community Engagement Forum Partnership Board has been busy developing exciting and ambitious plans for delivering a new Riverside Park for Tadcaster, based on consultation from last year when we asked you what you would like to see improve in the town.

Working with our partner’s, we are now ready to show you the results of our work and ask for your feedback and ideas about the proposals.

We would be delighted if you would visit us at the venues shown on the right and let us have your views so that we can quickly develop a final set of plans and get to work on what we are sure will be a fabulous new facility.

Where And When?

Tadcaster Town Council, The Ark, Kirkgate

9th May 11am – 6.45pm
10th May 11am – 6.45pm
11th May 9am – 1pm

Tadcaster Swimming Pool

13th May 10am -7pm
14th May 10am – 7pm

Tadcaster Library

15th May 2pm – 7pm
16th May 9am – 1pm




1. The project aims to create a linear park along the west side of the River Wharfe, in Tadcaster town centre.

This will provide a pleasant recreational and exercise environment, supported by distinctive children’s play provision, outdoor fitness equipment, and new footpaths and seating, and will fill an important gap in Tadcaster’s provision, since the town has no park at present.

2. The project is a response to several stimuli, including


feedback from residents on the need for additional recreational space
feedback from young people on lack of play space
feedback on the need to improve the appearance and environment of the town centre
feedback from local retailers on the need to increase town centre footfall
the challenges of local health and obesity indicators for adults and children
the need to develop community confidence and to stimulate local excitement


3. Project benefits will include

an attraction to draw local people and visitors to Tadcaster, with spin-off benefits to local retailers through increased footfall in the town centre;
environmental improvements to a prominent, high-visibility area of the town, allowing closer access to natural beauty;
an opportunity to promote exercise at a variety of levels, and to engage with partners’ aspirations to widen and extend participation;
improved health and mental health for the community, and increased social interaction;
increased confidence in the community’s capacity to change for the better.


4. The project delivers significantly against strategic plans including the District Councils’ s Five Big Things (Tackling the Tough Stuff, Living Well, Changing Places) and its Programme for Growth; the County Council’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (it fits several key objectives), Selby’s Open Space Strategy, and Selby’s Economic Development Strategy (Raising the image of the area, Regenerating the Three Market Towns).


Project description

The project will create a linear park, along the western bank of the River Wharfe, and stretching north and south of Tadcaster Bridge. This is already an informal recreation area, and the project will enhance it by:

providing a new and more substantial and attractive footpath surface linking Bridge Street with the Riverside and continuing round the churchyard to connect with Kirkgate near the church’s main entrance;
lighting this footpath to form an attractive and safe evening amenity;
providing a group of five pieces of outdoor fitness equipment, of a suitable style and design, for use by the general public for ‘fun’ exercise and for more serious training;
installing a new and distinctive play area on the loop of land close to where the footpath diverges away round the churchyard;
installing picnic benches and seating to enable relaxation with pleasant views across the river, to the viaduct and beyond into open countryside;
opening up access to the former Tadcaster Beach, a sandy area on the Wharfe that has historically been a local recreational space;
improving the gateways to this new footpath, at both the Kirkgate and Bridge Street ends, as a means of enticing people to explore further and find the linear park;
providing a second footpath, south of the Bridge, between the existing gates, suitable for use by cyclists and pedestrians;
providing seven pieces of appropriately designed ‘trim trail’ equipment for use by the general public, by supervised groups of fitness learners, and potentially also by Tadcaster Albion footballers for fitness training purposes;
clearing overgrown vegetation and opening up vistas and access


At a later stage, and subject to agreement with the Environment Agency, it may also be possible to open up one of the arches of the bridge to provide a pedestrian throughway linking the north and south of the park without the need to cross the road. This project might be undertaken as an enhancement by volunteers. Other elements to be included in a second phase are

additional seating, bins and dog bins;
information signage at entrances;
interpretational signage
additional planting of trees and shrubs, including shrubs to attract butterflies etc.
The following maps illustrate:









 This page was contributed by David Gluck
Executive Support, Tadcaster & Villages CEF


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