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Robin Hood Pantomime

Robin hood-Web


Love is in the air


The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Fletcher) seems to have found true love in the shape of Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell). Although he doesn’t seem to keen on the prospects.





Love, at last


Robin Hood (Alison Davies) finds his true love, The Lady Marian (Kelly Bolland) Will they live happily ever after? I think So!






Nanny, Marian



Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell) keeps a careful eye on her charge, The Lady Marian (Kelly Bolland)





Nanny, Nickit and Scarper



Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell) is shown little respect from our bumbling pair of Sheriff’s henchmen, Nickit and Scarper. Mother and Daughter, Joanne and Beccky Hawkins bring a real family atmosphere to “The Pantomime Adventures Of Robin Hood”.




Sheriff, Marian, Dame


“Look behind you!” The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Fletcher)seems unawares that the two loves in his life He has designs on The Lady Marian (Kelly Bolland) and Nanny Nora Tittle-Tattle (Mike Jewell) has designs on him.






Sheriff, Nickit and Scarper


Sheriff’s henchmen, Nickit and Scarper (Mother and Daughter, Joanne and Beccky Hawkins) are bumbling through Sherwood Forest, unaware that The Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Fletcher) is keeping an eye on their every move.





Tad Carnival Robin Hood



Cast members taking part in Tad Carnival (Photo courtesy of Wendy Binns)






I think it was one of those two, over there


Rehearsal pic.






Rehearsal pic.






Rehearsals can be fun


Rehearsal pic.






So that's how you do it



The two youngest members of the cast (Bailey (L) and Teagan(R) share make-up secrets watched by Sharon Wilson(The Enchantress of the Forest).







Robin Hood Booking form


All photographs © Terry Welsh except Tad carnival © Wendy Binns

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