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Tadcaster Beer Festival 2013

Cliff and Sandra Tadcaster

Cliff and Sandra

It’s here again and it’s going to stay according to Cliff and Sandra at the Tadcaster Social Club – Tadcaster Beer Festival…

A weekend of real ales, great music and food, it sounds like another great event for Tadcaster.

Today was all about the fine ales and cider’s on offer and there were lots to choose from, a variety ranging in flavours and strengths – including a beer which weighed in at 6.9% not surprising that this was called “Mind Control”

The doors opened at 2pm and there were people here straight away. Kelly Bolland opened the Tadcaster Beer Festival 2013 with some great songs and her amazing voice, several people hadn’t her Kelly perform before and were more than impressed.

Next up was Mike Shaw, excellent voice, good choice of music and definitely knows how to work a crowd. Dueling Banjo’s with a guitar and mouth organ was a fantastic was to get everyone’s attention. Wobbly corner and and Steve Lawson performed some great music.

James Brown took to the stage again for some more great sounds which included a perfect rendition of chasing cars by Snow Patrol.

Shupadum at 7.45pm were on top form, the crowd was certainly up for a good time by now, many of the people who arrived at 2pm were still here enjoying the atmosphere.

Friday headliners were The Travelin’ Band – Another band which is well worth seeing, phenomenal sound and great music. If you didn’t make it down to see these guys, keep an eye open for their next performance as they are well worth a listen.

Saturday at the festival and people are ready to start all over again, Steve and James are performing the music to start off day 2 and it promises to be another great day…

Mark Allison played his first ever live acoustic performance and I for one think he should do a lot more of these as it was a fantastic performance which was enjoyed by everyone at the beef festival.

Next up was Phil Pipe with some great folk songs to sing along to. Some of Phil’s songs were rather amusing especially the DIY song.

Generation Gap… A quote from Liz “If you like to music we’ve been together for years, if you don’t like it, we only rehearsed it this morning” well, I’d for for the first option, Liz and Steve Lawson (Generation Gap) played as though they had played together for a long time.

After a quick break for some more fine ales and food it was the turn of Wilson Brown. These guys always play up to the crowd and tonight was no different. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but their followers seem to be growing in numbers. Even the local band members from Outbreak UK turned out to show their appreciation.

The Elmcats played a 60 minute set of oldies which had everyone singing and tapping their feet for ages. By this time the crowd at the Tadcaster beer festival 2013 had doubled in size and more chairs were needed to cope with the numbers.

The headlining band “Rough Edge” were amazing, the guys had people dancing withing minutes of starting into their set. By this time the crowds had taken over the rear car park of the Tadcaster Social Club and turned it into a dance floor, there were people dancing in every corner. I am looking forward to hearing these guys play again as they were definitely worth the wait.

A massive THANKS to Cliff and Sandra for their hard work in bringing another successful event to Tadcaster and I anticipate that the Tadcaster Beer Festival 2014 will be bigger and better (if that is at all possible)…

Below are some pictures of the 2 day event – they are in no particular order but I hope you like them. See you all next year for the 3rd Annual Beer Festival…

Tadcaster Beer Festival August 2013


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