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Tadcaster Bridge Now Open

At 12:40 today the bridge in Tadcaster over the River Wharfe was re-opened…

At 10:30 this morning the dive team from GW Marine Systems arrived in Tadcaster to make another attempt to assess any damage to the structure of the bridge. Their last attempt on Friday was abandoned due to strong undertow which made the inspection impossible.

Today however, after an hour of anticipation the diver returned from the river with his assessment. There was no structural damage to the bridge…

At 12:07 the bridge over the river Wharfe was reopened to foot traffic.

At 12:40 the Highways Agency had removed the last of the fences and bollards and re-opened the bridge.

Tadcaster Mayor Steve Cobb was among the first to cross the bridge, escorted by Paul Lewis who has played an integral part in coordinating the reopening of the bridge. Steve Cobb also thanked the dive survey team, Highways Agency and many others involved personally.

Many people in Tadcaster have commented on the quality of service which we have received during the bridge closure, the feeling is that everyone involved has done a remarkable job.


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