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Tadcaster Rock Owt 2

The day started with some great music from Wilson Brown and Jonny Gill, the weather so far has been sunny and warm but there are dark clouds on the horizon.

The community spirit is really showing through today for the bands, Steve Cobb our Mayor opened the proceedings with Cliff from the Social club.

Here are a few images of the show so far.

Don’t forget, the music is on until midnight so get yourself down here and have a great time…

Sean Dunning, a great guitarist had a great set at the Tadcaster Rock Owt 2013, his style of playing amazed many people and he also has an amazing voice. Steve Cobb commented on his performance saying how good it was and that he provides his own equipment to compliment his style of playing.

Unfortunately one of today’s bands (Variation 4) didn’t turn up so in the spirit of the day James Brown stepped up and performed an unrehearsed set. From the Beatles, Major Tom by David Bowie and a brilliant rendition of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and even some Robbie Williams, I for one can see James going far in his music career.

Even though they were stuck in traffic, Spirit of Harmony made it to the Rock Owt and performed like stars. The guys had songs from Bett Midler to Buddy Holly which considering the fact that they don’t normally use microphones sounded amazing.

After a bit of a bumpy start due to technical issues, Last Man Standing took the audience by storm with a variety of indie music. I think everyone enjoyed their set and got into the spirit of the day.

Wilson Brown

Wilson Brown Tadcaster  Wilson Brown Rock  Wilson Brown Rock Owt  Steve Cobb and Cliff  Jonny Gill  Jonny Gill Tadcaster  Jonny Gill Sings  Jonny Gill 2013  2013 Rock Owt Tadcaster  big day  Cliff 2013



Rock Owt with Sean Dunning   Sean Dunning at Rock OwtSean Dunning Rock Owt 2 Tadcaster  Sean Dunning


James Brown Tadcaster  James Brown Solo  James Brown Rock Owt  James at Rock Owt






Spirit of Harmony Rock Owt  Spirit of Harmony  Spirit of Harmony 2013Tadcaster Rock Owt 2013 part 2

Last man standing Tadcaster  Last Man Standing Rock  Last Man Standing Rock Owt  Last Man Standing 2013














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