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Town Council Elections

Town Council Elections

Tadcaster Town Council Elections 2013…


The candidates for Councillor this year were :

The Conservative Party Candidate – Chris Metcalfe

The Green Party Candidate – Garry Mervyn Kitchen

Labour Party Candidate – Steve Cobb


Each candidate presented their policies and agenda’s in April this year. From keeping a lid on Council taxes to ensure we all get value for money to supporting our local fire station to avoid closure and opposing any threats to do so.

In fairness I think all of the candidates had some excellent ideas for improving Tadcaster and doing what they can to make our town safer for residents and visitors.

The polling stations opened at 7am on the 2nd of May and stayed open until 10pm to allow people to vote when they could.

At around 1pm today the results were in, counted and published…

Chris Metcalfe too the Tadcaster vote by a long lead.

The final results can be seen below – statistics and images from northyorks.gov.uk




Party (in alphabetical order) Candidate Votes polled % of vote polled
 The Conservative Party Candidate Metcalfe, Chris 923 55
 The Green Party Candidate Kitchen, Garry Mervyn 146 9
 Labour Party Candidate Cobb, Steve 600 36


Image from North Yorkshire County Council Website



Electorate 5960
Total 1669
% voted 28
Spoilt papers 12

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