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Volunteer Litter Pickers in Tadcaster

Some of the volunteers out picking up litter in Tadcaster


COULD I thank the group of enthusiastic volunteers who turned out on Saturday on the first litter pick by the Tadcaster litter collectors’ group.

It was very heartening to have so many young people getting involved and being willing to give up their time to help improve the town.

A dozen of us spent two hours clearing the river bank and collected 14 bin bags of plastic bottles, tin cans and various other pieces of rubbish.

This was our first organised clean and we hope that when people see the difference that can be made they will want to join us.

The idea is that we have groups of people willing to adopt areas of the town and take on the responsibility of keeping their adopted areas clear of litter.

If we can attract enough people then eventually Tadcaster can start being the town it should be.

If anyone reading would like to join us please get in contact through our Facebook page or contact me at djpmarch@googlemail.com

David March, Springhill Court, Tadcaster.



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