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The Tailwagger Club – Tadcaster

The Tailwagger Club – Tadcaster is a reward based pet dog training club offering training classes & one to one sessions.

Tadcaster Tailwagger ClubPet dog training is about helping owners and dogs to understand each other and to learn together how to cope in everyday situations. Dogs don’t come pre-programmed with the skills to enable them to live with us in our homes  in harmony whilst adhering to the rules of our society. In fact many of them require a change to the dogs ‘natural’ instincts. And, despite what many people believe, humans do not possess an in-built dog-whisperer type knowledge which equips them to educate their dogs.

Puppies start learning from the day they are born, but their topic list is different to yours. The longer training is delayed, the more chance your topic list and theirs will grow further apart!! However, despite the well known phrase, it is never too late start training with your dog…  all dogs are capable of learning & they love it!

As well as the ‘everyday’ stuff, we have plenty of fun activities to teach them. Whatever the breed, age or disposition of your dog, spending time training them enhances their mental and physical wellbeing and strengthens the bond between you.

At The Tailwagger Club – Tadcaster we adhere strictly to the APDT principles (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).

Our reward-based training techniques are based on a modern understanding of canine learning. We do not allow the use of choke chains or prong collars in classes and will offer owners alternative, kinder ways to teach their pets.
We believe that all training must be non-coercive, KIND, FAIR & EFFECTIVE… and FUN!

Please contact me for further details & to book your place:
Jane Hartharn – MAPDT 01190
07799 896146

Unleash Your Dogs Potential!!

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