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The End of Hibernation

It’s the time of year that we humans start to come out of our winter slumber and try and catch up with all the things that have been on hold over the long, dreary winter. This often includes returning to exercise and this rush to get back into it often catches people out!

The end of hibernation – It hThe end of hibernationas been a common pattern over the last few weeks at the clinic whereby the sun comes out and the running shoes go on. This is generally a good thing however the drive to get back to a previous fitness level or train for some summer event can often push people to push themselves too hard and too fast.

These sudden, extra strains on the body often ‘find out’ any underlying weakness, tightness or biomechanical issue. Generally speaking these can be easily resolved with the right kind of exercise and the odd tweak here and there however the old adage that prevention is better than cure rings true in this situation.

By maintaining a decent underlying level of fitness throughout the colder months these peaks and troughs can be avoided plus you don’t have to play catch up to achieve your previous level of fitness. It is easy to just say increase your exercise in controlled and sensible manner but this is the approach that is needed.

It is always worth working on stretching and a certain amount of sport specific conditioning exercise, just work out what your sport requires from your body and then work on these individual components. This will inevitably lead to the exercise being more enjoyable and more rewarding and therefore more likely to feature on your winter calendar next year!



By Dave Baxter

Tadcaster Physio & Sports Injury Clinic



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